Call for proposals for 2016

Western Arts Theatre logo

We are currently in the process of finalising our 2016 season and are looking for proposals for our mid year show.

Our Vision Statement

Western Arts Theatre Incorporated is a newly established musical theatre company. Founded by residents of Moonee Valley and nearby suburbs, who believe in providing performance opportunities in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Western Arts Theatre aims to create quality musical theatre productions and allow individuals to develop their skills and talent. Western Arts Theatre focuses on building social cohesion, community pride and artistic collaboration.

The Parameters

Our mid year show is our major project, with the biggest cast opportunities and the largest budget. For 2015 this was RENT by Jonathan Larson. For 2016 we are looking for a family friendly show. A show that can support an open chorus (non auditioned), cast members of all ages and a family friendly audience. Whilst the mid year show has the biggest budget of all our shows, it will be a low budget project as we are still establishing ourselves and building capital.

Your Proposal

The proposal needs to include the name of the show, who wrote it, who holds the rights, who is putting forward the proposal (your name), who would be involved (any other creative or production team members who are putting in the proposal with you), an outline of how your vision for the show relates to the WAT vision statement and the parameters set above and any other information you wish to include.

Heather Verschuur is lined up to act as Producer so this position does not require filling. However, any other positions that require incumbents can be sourced from our list of contacts if you do not have people in mind for the role.

All proposals should be sent to by 5 August 2015.

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