Peter Pan Cast Announced

We are beyond excited to journey to Neverland with the cast for our April 2018 show, Peter Pan Jr! Stay tuned for ticket announcements.

Peter Pan- Julian Smith Gard
Wendy- Chloe Taylor
John- Nathaniel Mitchell 
Michael- Ben Belsey
Tinker Bell- Darcy McGrath
Captain Hook- Josh Langsam
Smee- Ellissa Hasenkam
Mr Darling/Murphy- Jonathan Smith Gard
Mrs Darling/Flint/Brave Oak- Sophia McCann

Chief Tiger Bamboo- Caleb Rooney
Tiger Lily- Lucy Stubbs

Iridessa/Atina- Caitlin McCallig
Silvermist/Adella- Lucy Diggerson
Rosetta/Allana- Tiahnee Franzone
Fawn/Andrina- Steph Smith Gard
Lyria/Arianna- Zoe Novacek
Vidia/Aquata- Hannah Warren
Arista/Brave Pine- Samira Reason

Cubby- Arianne Boschen
Skunk- Abigail Warren
Hop- Couper Pontin
Raccoon Twin 1- Grace Brown
Raccoon Twin 2- Eva Angelovski

Jukes- Kiera Savvy
Cookson- Kaisha Rooney
Noodler- Mikaela Stafford
Skylights/Brave Shrub- Georgia Slaymaker

Joyce Vuong
Tabitha Gorman
Naomi Chan
Amy Graetz
Giselle Mammone
Georgia McCartin
Liam McCartin

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