Shrek Cast Announced

We are so excited to announce the cast of our October production of Shrek: The Musical! Joining us in the swamp are…

Shrek- Matt Arter
Fiona- Amy McMillan
Donkey- Daniel (Bort) Ortega
Lord Farquaad- Mark Monroe
Dragon/ Mama Bear- Samira Reason
Pinocchio- Tim Barsby
Gingy- Elise Kurvink
Papa Ogre/Wolf – Chris Anderson
Mama Ogre/Humpty Dumpty – Alex Karaoutsadis
Young Fiona- Indiana Farrugia
Teen Fiona- Steph Smith Gard
Young Shrek- Abi Warren
King Harold- Tristan Lawrence
Three Little Pigs- Sudara De Silva, Anthony Cardamone, Tristan Lawrence
Three Blind Mice- Ellen O’Brien, Adele Bortolin, Madi Peake
Dragonettes- Steph McKeon, Elisa Osegueda, Louisa D’Ortenzio, Alexandra Karaoutsadis
Witch- Sarah Charles
Shoe Maker’s Elf/ Blue Bird- Bec Muratore
Mad Hatter- Lucas Ioppolo
White Rabbit- Candice O’Brien
Fairy God Mother- Olivia Kowalyk
Peter Pan – Mitch Bonicci
Ugly Duckling- Steph Mckeon
Papa Bear- Luke Doyle
Baby Bear- Thalia Osegueda
Dwarf- Matthew Sheahan
Pied Piper/ Bishop- Brendan Gill

Jennifer Cruise
Chelsea Cornell
Lesley Huang
Greta Georgiou
Mikayla Kelly
Tina- Marie Aguis
Kim Siemensma

Congrats to all! Watch this space for ticket information

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